+ Campus for Human Development

The Campus for Human Development is an interfaith agency for the homeless that supplies day-care, food stamps, job and housing assistance.

+ Caring Choices

Caring Choices offers free pregnancy counseling to anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. They provide material assistance (diapers, formula, and clothing), free pregnancy tests and adoption services. Volunteers provide support for the material assistance program.

+ Charitable Constructors

Charitable Constructors (CC) is a program to provide volunteer construction labor services to eligi-ble candidates in Saint Henry parish, as designated by the Saint Henry Social Action Committee, and to especially target those who have urgent needs and are financially unable to procure the needed services.

+ Family Reconciliation Center

Family Reconciliation Center creates an environment where families can support one another and meet their emotional and spiritual needs throughout the crisis of the incarceration of a loved one. Services include a guesthouse where family members may stay while visiting a loved one in prison, a support group for adults, tutoring and special programs for children.

+ Hope Clinic for Women

Hope Clinic is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides a safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with life choices regarding past, present, and future pregnancies. This non-profit organization provides Christian alternatives to abortion through education, counsel and medical care.

+ Interfaith Dentistry

The Interfaith Dentistry Program is a non-profit organization providing affordable dental care for low-income, working families who do not have dental insurance.

+ Matthew 25

Matthew 25 is a partner agency with the United Way and Veterans Administration that provides a supportive and non-threatening environment, including counseling, room and board, and job assistance, for up to eight months, to men who make a commitment to remove themselves from the addiction that has made them homeless and unable to support themselves. Parish members and groups can assist by preparing dinner for 35 men one night, donating magazines, paperback books, bus tickets, supermarket gift certificates, durable men’s work clothes or supporting the job needs of an enrollee. This agency has shown itself to be very effective in accomplishing its mission.

+ North Nashville Outreach

North Nashville Outreach assists the most in-need of North Nashville. Volunteers provide home visitation, tutoring, help with finding employment, and assistance to the elderly.

+ Project Reflect

Project Reflect is designed for minority and other disadvantaged elementary school-aged children from public housing who are not succeeding in school. A six-week summer program teaches reading and math with year-round follow up.

+ Safe Haven

Safe Haven Family Shelter is an overnight shelter for five homeless families. Volunteers from St. Henry help on the first Thursday of each month by staying overnight as innkeepers, by preparing and serving a dinner for 20-25, and by contributing nonperishable breakfast foods for 20-25 people.

+ St. Henry Haiti Ministry

The Haiti Mission, a part of the Twinning Program of the Americas, currently supports two Haiti parishes, Notre Dame de Guadalupe in Darlegrand and St. Thomas Aquinas in Thomassique. Since 1978, contributions from Saint Henry Church have provided educational, medical, and economic supplies to our brothers and sisters In Haiti. Volunteers have not only made trips to Haiti to assess the needs of the parishes, but also continue to work to create an awareness at home of how our parish efforts are making a difference.

+ St. Henry Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn hosts homeless guests at St. Henry's from the first Sunday night in November to the last Sunday night in March. Volunteers can help in any one of a number of ways: set-up in the gym and dining hall, drive vans, prepare dinners and sack lunches, spend the night as innkeepers, and clean up in the morning.

+ Social Action Committee

The responsibility of the Social Action Committee is to support the needs of parishioners and the community through new and existing social action programs, to promote charitable works, enlist human resources and publicity for social assistance. The members of this committee work to raise the awareness level of the parish as a whole, and to educate all as to the Catholic Church’s teachings on the wide variety of issues surrounding peace and justice.

+ St. Vincent de Paul Society

SVDP Society at Saint Henry Church provides assistance to parishioners and non-parishioners with a variety of needs. Staffed by members of Saint Henry and supported by a monthly collection at the church, and once a month food collections at the school, the local St. Vincent de Paul Society helps those in need with necessities such as food, utilities and rent.

If you would like to get involved with any of the above, please fill out our contact form at the link below.